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We are an Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer in China, supplies various of injection molding machine, including: servo motor injection machine, high speed & high precision injection machine, Two plate injection molding machine, and all electronic injection molding machine

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Platen Clamping

The moving platen quickly close to the fixed platen, The system turns to high pressure and clamping the injection mould.

Injection Prepare

The injection part is moved forward to the specified position, and the injection nozzle is in close contact with the injection mold.

Injection Molding

Set the injection pressure, speed and stroke of the machine screw, Injecting the melt at the front of the barrel into the mold cavity.

Cooling & Holding

Maintain the pressure of the barrel according to the set pressure and time, At the same time, the mold cavity is cooled and formed.


Keep mold cavity cooling, The hydraulic motor drives the screw to rotate the plastic forward, and the screw retreats to the set position and stops rotating.

Injection Complete

The injection cylinder is loosened according to the setting. After pre-molding, the injection part is returned to the initial position.

Mold Open

The moving platen of the injection molding machine back to the initial position. The speed sequence is : slow – fast – slow.

Eject Products

Plastic Injection Molding Machine thimbles push out the products as set.

Why choose ONGREAT Machinery

Since the graduation design of “Single-cylinder injection without tie rod injection molding machine” in 1999, it has officially entered the world of injection molding machines.

For 20 years, we have been involved in and promoted the development of China’s injection molding equipment.

From graphic drawing to 3D design, from manual calculation to computer simulation analysis, from split template to connected hollow template…

Company info & Machine Advantages

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  1. 1
    New Servo-Control Technology

    High grade optimized servo-control, with improved efficiency for lower energy consumption.

  2. 2
    Injection Unit

    The injection unit provides improved response time and reliability;

    Enables further improvement of the acceleration rate, Realizing even more energy saving.

    Injection precision and high stability require less moving friction, which is achieved with linear guides.

    At the same time, considering the more reliable and durable use,

    we use the linear guides only for the injection action,

    reducing the damage to the linear guides when the nozzles are centered and when the cylinders are replaced,

    and the injection linear guides are durable and reliable.

  3. 3
    Clamping Unit

    The redesigned 5-point-toggle-system increases the platen intensity, reduces platen inertia and joints stress.

    This secures an optimized kinematics and reduced dry cycle times.

    The clamping part bears a large clamping force,

    and the long-term use should focus on the precision maintenance ability of the mechanical structure,

    that is, the wear is low in the case of long-term use,

    so we use high-strength heavy-duty structural design, high-precision processing equipment processing,

    and more The material processing of the link is used to improve the rigidity of the entire mechanical structure and achieve long-lasting precision maintenance.

  4. 4
    Control & Hydraulic System

    The electronic control and hydraulic system is an important control part of the equipment’s efficient and stable operation.

    In order to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the whole operation, we use a complete control system.

    The computer, drive, motor and oil pump are developed by our professional manufacturers and we are fully developed,

    hydraulic system and electronic control.

    Cooperate with optimization and improvement, the components adopt international high-end brands,

    and all aspects guarantee the smooth and efficient operation of equipment.

    High level special contoller apply servo control technology to save energy,

    Friendly man-machine interface,involving the design idea of human-oriented,

    To reach real-time monitoring of production process,And quick response of system, precise execution of the machine.

  5. 5
    Machine Body frame

    This part is often ignored by customers. In fact, the machine fuselage frame is very important.

    He carries the weight of the clamping and injection parts,

    and has a high strength to ensure the long-term stability of the equipment.

    Therefore, we use the overall square tube structure as the main support beam,

    the whole plate bends to establish the overall frame, the heavier fuselage,

    to achieve the high-intensity fuselage base to ensure the accuracy and longevity of the whole machine.

  6. 6
    Model CIII Injection Molding Machine

    After years of research and development and production, our machine innovation and quality have been unprecedentedly improved.

    Especially the introduction of the latest CIII injection molding machine,

    apply the most advanced technology and design in the world and give the most cost-effective price.

    Hoping to create a win-win business and a better future with you.