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Trend Of Chinese Plastic Machinery

The Upgrading Trend Of Chinese Plastic Machinery Transformation – Plastic Injection Machinery ONGREAT Injection molding machine, also known as injection moulding machine or injection machine. It is a commonly used plastic machinery. It is the thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic molding mold made of various shapes of plastic products, the main molding equipment. Divided into vertical, … Continue reading

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China High-Tech is growing fast

China is becoming a High-Tech state in the world. Include their Industrial technology, design, and manufacture. For years now, American manufacturers have believed that one way to compete with low labor costs in China, and the other countries was through the use of advanced technologies, such as computer integration and automation, to achieve higher efficiencies here at … Continue reading

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The Market of China Injection Molding Machine

China injection molding machine industry output value growth rate in recent years at around 30%, is the China injection molding machine industry one of the fastest-growing industries. With the plastic injection molding machines increasingly intense competition, energy-saving injection molding machine has become the market mainstream. Compared with conventional hydraulic injection molding machine, fully electric injection … Continue reading

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