China injection molding machine manufacturer

China injection molding machine manufacturer

The injection molding machine is China’s largest production and application of plastic machine varieties, but also the main export of China’s Plastic Machinery.

In the late fifties, China produced the first injection molding machine,

but due to the low-tech equipment at that time, only with GE Plastics to produce low technical requirements of daily necessities,

such as plastic boxes, plastic buckets, plastic Pots and so on.

After the 1980s,

the injection molding machine industry in China developed rapidly with an annual growth rate of over 20%

and gradually formed a processing base mainly in Ningbo, Guangdong, Dongguan, and Shunde.

One of Ningbo injection molding machine production and sales accounted for the country’s total production and sales of more than Liu Cheng.

The total production and sales volume in 2002 has reached 30,000 units.

In 2003, it is estimated to reach 35,000 units,

accounting for about 60% of the total annual output in Mainland China and about 30% of the world’s total output.

Ningbo only a market, it is the size of the injection molding machine manufacturers more than 100, 

including the world’s first production and sales of China Haitian Machinery Co., Ltd.

and more than 10 foreign-funded enterprises, involving more parts supporting the enterprise of hundreds Much.

China’s large backbone injection molding machine manufacturers are mostly joint ventures,

the introduction of foreign advanced technology and management. 

In terms of technology, the injection molding machines produced in China have grown from ordinary models to mainframes,

all-electronic machines, hybrids, and special injection molding machines.

Haitian has developed the injection molding machine with the largest clamping force in China for the production of auto parts.

ZhenXiong has developed a fully-electric dedicated machine for CD production and a dedicated machine for PET preform injection molding.

Although injection molding machines produced in China are mainly low-end products as a whole, 

injection molding machine manufacturers represented by Haitian and Zhenxiong are trying their best to develop into the mid-end market.

In terms of application,

injection molding machines in China are predominantly general-purpose ones with the largest market share being occupied by the production of general plastic products such as:

toys, stationery, daily necessities, furniture, and decoration materials.

Second, the injection molding machine is mainly used for the production of large household appliances, 

such as refrigerators, color TVs, washing machines, air conditioners, computers such as the housing,

the market uses more than 40 percent of Chinese engineering plastics injection molding machines in the domestic market The market share is higher.

Another important area of injection molding machine applications is the production of packaging products,

mainly for PET preforms, plastic bottles, caps and other products.

One PET preforms special injection molding machine market mainly for imported equipment control.

Sales of CDs, DVDs, MDs and MDSs are rapidly growing worldwide as media for recording data.

China has developed a disc-specific injection molding machine, but it has not been widely used.

Some special injection molding machines such as ceramic injection molding machines for producing fine ceramic components,

and magnetic injection molding machines for producing neodymium iron boron electronic components have not received much attention from machinery manufacturers due to their small dosage.

However, with the further breakdown of the market,

the development of relevant special models is of great significance.

Similarly, dedicated injection molding machines used for the production of thin-wall or specialty engineering plastic products are still blank in China, 

mainly for imported equipment. The demand for thin-walled products,

represented by mobile phone cases, is strong, and the market has great potential for development.

From the geographical distribution of consumer markets,

the major consumer market for injection molding machines in China is gradually spreading from south to north.

On the export side, injection molding machines occupy an important position in the export market of China presses,

accounting for about 60.4% of the total export volume.

The foreign exchange earning accounts for 74,1% of the total export volume, which is a well-deserved export main force.

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