China Plastic Injection Machine Price

China Plastic Injection Machine Price

High-quality Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer we can find more and more in China,

they specializing in supplying complete plastic production line,

such as injection molding machines, injection machines, plastic injection molding machine, etc.

with these machines, they can supply high-quality products, good service, and competitive prices.

Chinese injection machine price has become very transparent, the heavy competitive made Chinese injection machine price go down and down, from 10 years ago,

the machine has 15-20% net profits to now Max. 3-10%…

this is because, in the past 10 years, Chinese injection machines have competed with each other by the price while not by the innovation or quality.

Until in 2009, there were some Chinese injection molding machines became bankruptcy.

Chinese injection machine’s price competition become moderated from the 2006 year,

due to so many Chinese injection molding machines manufacturer has realized that quality is the life of the enterprise.

Now, we can say 30% of the Chinese injection molding machines’ manufacturers can offer a very stable controlling system and precise injection molding machines.

But between the qualified machine manufacturers, there is price competition too.

Here, we list out some of the Chinese injection machine standard price: ( the price tolerance will be 15%)

  • Chinese injection machine 50TON price is USD10000/set FOB
  • Chinese injection machine 250TON price is USD32000/set FOB 
  • Chinese injection machine 400TON price is USD55000/set FOB
  • Chinese injection machine 1600TON price is USD384600/set FOB 
Injection Molding Machine 410T ONGREAT

ONGREAT brand is one of the 10 BEST brands of injection machines in China,

there are more than 500 plastic injection molding machines manufacturers in China currently.

But ONGREAT injection machine price level is medium while not the highest because ONGREAT kept the profits rate, Max. 3 to 4% due to heavy competition.

Though the price level seems higher than the normal injection molding machines company,

ONGREAT’s cost invests for quality controlling and all the machine’s components top quality.

All the hydraulic system of ONGREAT Machinery is using the world-famous brand of European or Japan,

all the electronic units are using Simense, Sneithder or LG…controlling system are using Taiwan or Austria. Heating or thermocouple system is using German….. for all these reasons,

ONGREAT injection machines cost are almost 10% higher than the similar level brand such as Haitian, FCS, Borch…. But our offer will be much lower than them.

They include leading-edge technology and superior performance which belong in plastics molding facilities where precision, energy-savings, and maximum productivity are critical to your success.

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