How To Choose Injection Machine?

How To Choose Injection Machine?

In general, most clients who work in the injection molding industry for many years are able to judging and selecting appropriate injection machines by themselves to produce.

However, in some cases, clients need supplier’s help to choose the machine,

and clients ask the manufacturer whether their injection molding machines can produce or which model is more appropriate,

when they only have samples or conception of the products.

In addition, only with special devices, such as accumulator, closed-loop, injection-compression and so on,

can some special products be produced with higher efficiency.

Thus it can be seen that how to choose appropriate injection molding machines to produce is an extremely problem.

The following information can be for the readers’reference.

Generally, the important factors that affect the selection of the injection molding machine include mold, product, plastic, molding requirement,

therefore, the following information must be collected before selecting injection molding machine:

  • Mold dimensions (width, height, thickness), weight, special designs and so on;
  • Plastic material’s type and quantity: (single raw material or multiple materials);
  • Plastic product dimension (length, width, height, thickness), weight;
  • Molding requirements, such as quality terms, production speed and so on.

Select the appropriate injection molding machine as the following steps after obtaining the above information:

  1. Select the right model: machine model and series depend on product and plastic
  2.  Hold on: through mold size to check the machine’s tie-bar, mold thickness,min.mold height, ejector stroke. Then to confirm if the mold can hold on. 
  3. Take out: check the machine’s opening stroke and demolding stroke by mold and product to confirm the product can take out. 
  4. Clamping force: the clamping force is decided by-product a material
  5. Full injection: the injection weight and screw diameter are decided by product weight and mold cavity. 
  6. Injection well: the screw ratio and injection pressure are decided by plastic material. Generally, a small screw diameter provides high injection pressure. 
  7. Injection fast: it’s to confirm the injection speed 

Through the above steps, totally customers can choose the correct machine to produce.

But have some other special problems must be considered.

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