How To Installing Manipulator?

How To Installing Manipulator?

The traditional production and manufacturing enterprises in a wide range of industrial automation.

industrial robots to upgrade the direction of automation in all walks of life have become increasingly high.

Modern processing workshops are basically equipped with a manipulator to improve production efficiency,

as well as to complete the work difficult to carry out or dangerous work. Then use the robot to sit back and relax it?

In fact, when installing the manipulator, due to the incorrect operation of the worker, it often leads to some sort of failure of the manipulator.

Next, with the past experience, ONGREAT Machinery engineers share the ten rules about the installation of the manipulator and the injection molding machine:

1, in the two adjacent injection molding machine manipulator installation directions, should be clear.

2, all movements and movements are not hindered the injection molding machine safety door switch.

3, All manipulator’s straight line, rotation, and other actions can be set on-site and can be set within a certain error range,

once the set error is exceeded, it will alarm and stop the action in time, and display the fault information on the touch screen.

4, injection molding machine or manipulator failure, the injection molding machine and manipulator will interlock.

That is, when the robot fails, the injection molding machine stops operating;

similarly, when the injection molding machine breaks down, the robot stops its operation.

5. The arm has the anti-collision function:

When there is a misoperation, the program features automatic anti-collision function,

according to the motor torque automatically determine and stop the action, you can make the least loss.

6, Manipulator and injection molding machine movements consistent,

that will not produce a collision machine will not interfere with the action of the injection molding machine,

machine operation will not lead to the injection molding machine so the cycle of production is so prolonged.

7, The injection molding machine downtime (failure downtime, normal shutdown, replacement molds, equipment maintenance, etc.),

you can manually place the robot in a safe position or other necessary locations;

it will not hinder the replacement of mold and equipment maintenance operations.

8, the robot fails (if not in place, the product is not removed, product drop, etc.) will immediately alarm and shutdown on the touch screen display its fault, easy to quickly rule out.

9, some products require the robot to contain the release agent spray system, spray release agent can be accurately injected into the mold cavity (nozzle angle adjustable),

and can adjust the dosage, you can set the frequency of spraying.

10, all the parameters and data settings can be set and modified by the computer,

and then downloaded to the robot system to perform, you can also set the parameters and data directly on the robot.

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