How to maintain Injection Molding Machines?

How to maintain Injection Molding Machines?

In order to make the Injection Molding Machine function well after the festival,

We hope you can do the following maintenance of the injection molding machines.

Step 1: For more than three years injection molding machine:
If you have not replaced the hydraulic oil, Please replace the No. 46 no dirt anti-wear hydraulic oil.
In the process of replacement, Thoroughly clean the hydraulic tank, then New hydraulic oil can be replaced.
Step 2: For injection molding machine hydraulic oil bypass filter
The pressure gauge pointer points to or near the red zone. Please stop the oil pump replacing the bypass filter element.
Step 3: For the internal sediment of the lubricating oil tank
Do a thorough cleaning,
And replace the No.220 heavy gear lubricating oil.
After that, Please do the manual lubrication test,
and Observe whether each lubricating oil dispenser points out of the oil.
And observe whether the lubricating oil pipe is fractured or not. You should Timely replacement.
Step 4: For the mould part and the lubrication part of the rubber tail plate
Be sure to do the maintenance for at least six months.
Every time you maintain it, you need to see the new oil come in and the old oil comes out.
Step 5: For the electrical control box of the injection moulding machine
First Turn off the total power supply of the injection machine,
then Remove the electrical box into the wind filter, Clean it with a powerful air gun,
and Clean the inner dust of the electric box with a cleaner. 
Step 6:For injection machine mechanical safety lock and front door limit switch
Do abnormal safety tests. 
 If you have any abnormal, Please timely inform our after-sales staff: [email protected]
Do your best to prevent them. And safety is the best important.
Step 7: For the inside or outside of the injection molding machine metal metal
The metal plate, and the greasy dirt of machine clamping hinge and the end of the shooting part, cleaning thoroughly.
Step 7: For the cooling fan of the injection machine motor
Be sure to wait until the motor is completely stationary, Clean with a powerful air gun.
Step 8: Clean up the garbage around the injection molding machine.
Step 9: After the injection molding machine is maintained
Put the rat poison to The place where the total power of the injection molding machine enters the line.
It can prevent mice from damaging the injection molding machine during the holiday.

Any questions about maintain of the injection molding machine, please feel free to contact us.

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