Injection molding machine vacuum Pump Maintenance

Injection molding machine vacuum Pump Maintenance

Plastics vacuum conveying pumps often fail as a result of poor maintenance.

With the pumps out of sight, and out of mind, it’s easy to miss the telltale signs of trouble.

Here’s how inexpensive, constant monitoring can head off problems before they occur.

The key to vacuum pump maintenance is a balance.

Too much and you’re wasting time and money on technicians; too little and you run the risk of equipment failure.

Discover how to cut costs with continuous monitoring.

There’s never a good time for a vacuum conveying pump to fail.

Required for moving materials and resins,

it’s an essential component to plastic processing and can shut down the entire operation when it fails. 

Those who can afford it resort to frequent monitoring with expert technicians, wasting time, effort and money.

Moreover, this practice results in technicians blindsided by problems missed in-between maintenance scheduling.

On the other end, there are those who overlook maintenance all together, which can result in major pump equipment failure,

shutting down production and draining funds for replacements.

The key is continuous monitoring, the ultimate balance for vacuum pump maintenance

How to Balance the Right Amount of Maintenance

The Vacuum Pump Analyzer from MachineSense is the answer.

With new advanced monitoring and proprietary predictive technology,

MachineSense Vacuum Pump Analyzer can tell you when the pump needs maintenance.

Better yet, the system can also tell you what to do.

By connecting sensors on the equipment to cloud-based analysis software,

the retrofitted Vacuum Pump Analyzer allows 24/7 monitoring of pumps and blowers that detects non-conforming operating conditions,

identifies root causes and suggests likely remedies. Armed with this knowledge,

maintenance technicians can identify emerging problems well before they turn catastrophic,

and then schedule maintenance at the most convenient time.

Monitor the Conditions that Matter

Over 60% of all vacuum pump and blower failures are simply a result of poor soil and filter maintenance.

These and other equipment problems typically reveal themselves in easy-to-sense conditions such as vibration, heat, and pressure.

While easily detectable, technicians have long gone without a way to automatically monitor and diagnose these problems remotely.

The Vacuum Pump Analyzer does this with easy-to-set-up sensors that stream the data to powerful cloud-based analysis software.

This enables the system to automatically identify when equipment is in good working order,

and when it is trending toward a condition that requires maintenance.

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