Plastic injection moulding machine manufacturers

As a high-quality injection molding machines manufacturer china

We need to ensure that we can solve any customer requirements for Plastic injection moulding.

In order to meet the production needs of different customers,

We design and develop various special injection molding machines.

As a result, various plastic products can be produced more efficiently and with lower consumption.

Each type of special-purpose injection molding machine can adapt to more severe working environment.

For various high-load and high-output injection tasks, the failure rate is lower and it can bring more profits to you.

ONGREAT is one of the leading china manufacturers of injection moulding machines, have more than 20 years experience in plastic molding area.

We will provide you with the most professional one-stop injection molding service.

ONGREAT manufacturerplastic injection molding machine detail

Why choose ONGREAT manufacturer

Currently, our injection molding machines are widely used in China.

Many customers will have long-term cooperation with us after purchasing one of our injection molding machine.


Because we have more machine advantages than the most injection moulding machine manufacturers in China.

  • Advanced design level
  • Professional manufacturing
  • Lower advertising investment

Hope to bring you more profits.

Production line of our injection molding machines

Price Enquiry

In order to provide you with better prices, we have reduced the machine profit of each machine to less than 5%. Contact Us Now for the best price.

7/24 Support

Our factory has specialized machine after-sales personnel who are responsible for professional services such as operate training, maintenance notification, etc.

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