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What is a two-color injection molding machine?

Double Color Injection Machine working principle

Double color injection molding machine also called two-color injection modling machine.

It is an injection molding machine that can inject two different colors of plastic into the same pair of molds.

It enables plastic products to have two different colors, used to improve the aesthetics of plastic products.

The difference between two-color injection and secondary injection

Two-color injection molding is injection molding on a double color injection molding machine. It can be molded at one time without changing the mold.

And the secondary injeciton is injection

molding with a common injection molding machine. It needs to change the mold to complete the overmolding.

Two-color injection molding requirements

Double color injection machine movable template

Material requirements

Two-color injection molded mating materials must meet two basic compatibility conditions, namely, adhesive compatibility and process compatibility.

Process requirements

Soft and hard plastic double shot design.

There must be a certain temperature difference between the two materials.

It is generally recommended to be 60 ° C. It is recommended to be at least 30 ° C.

The melting temperature of the first shot material is high.

Generally, the first shot is PC or PC/ABS, and the second shot is TPU or TPE. , PC thickness 0.6-0.7mm, software 0.4mm or more.

Try to widen the contact area, make the groove to increase the adhesion,

or use the core for the first shot, and the second part of the material is injected into the first shot.

Double color injection machine injection cylinder

The surface of the first shot is as rough as possible.

Two-color injection mold requirements

Two-color plastic mold: Two kinds of plastic materials are injection-molded on the same injection molding machine,

and molded in two parts, but the product only molds once.

Generally, this molding process is also called double-material injection molding, usually completed by a set of molds,

and requires a special two-color injection molding machine.

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