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Precision plastic injeciton molding machine ONGREATThe High Precision Injection Machine with below performance:

  • 50% of the mechanical strength than normal machine to guarantee machine stability.
  • According to the highest safety standards to design and manufacture machines.
  • Using large driving force servo technologies.
  • Linear rails ensure a stable and precision injection molding.
  • Performance of a high speed and high pressure injection ensure precision plastic molding.

Precision injection machine detail

Application scenarios of high precision injection molding machines

  • High precision injection molding machine is used for injection molding precision plastic parts, high strength plastic parts.High Precision plastic parts

Digital camera shell molding, precision gear, high strength precision auto parts, high strength plastic screws, etc.
The product has a high requirement for size, at the same time also have high requirements for the product physical strength.

  • High precision injection molding machine is used for injection molding high precision micro nylon connectors coupling.

Forming high precision micro nylon connectors coupling, and have higher request for the quality of socket connector.
This kind of products usually have higher dimensions and appearance requirements.

  • High precision injection molding machine can also used for injection molding optical components.

Forming cell phone cameras, micro cameras, video equipment components.
Forming the led lamp light, such as car optical components.
Forming the optical components of light guide plate for mobile and iPAD.
This kind of product for stress, light transmittance, size, capacity, etc. There are strict requirements.High precision Micro Nylon connectors coupling

ONGREAT is a professional high-precision injection molding machine research and development, manufacturing, technology development enterprise.

The company is gathering for 15 years molding equipment manufacture, application experience,

as well as the deep corporation with germany peers is focused on precision molding field,

have a good implementation ability, and continuous innovation and development.

We aim at developing ourselves to the high tech sophisticated machine manufacturing company,

providing the best service and building win-win cooperation with customers.

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