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High-speed injection molding machine

Concept for rapid injection molding machine.

High speed injection molding machine suitable for disposable thin fast food box, disposable cutlery etc.

Short molding cycle,greatly improving the production efficiency.

The mechanical structure is strong, the high load conditions can still maintain a long life.

The use of servo system,keep the momentum is strong and best energy saving effect.

Thin oil lubrication,keeping the environment clean.

In practical use, more and more clients require so-called rapid injection molding machine.

Generally speaking, in addition to requirement of product itself, purposes of doing this are shorten forming period, improving output in unit time to reduce production cost and enhance competitiveness.Large volume accumulator

To achieve the above purposes, the following methods are effective:

  • Accelerate injection speed: Use motor and pump or accumulator with higher power (it’s better to add closed-loop control);
  • Accelerate feeding speed: Use motor and pump with higher power or hydraulic motor used for feeding with lower power to accelerate screw speed;
  • Multi-loop system: Use double-loop or three-loop design to shorten forming time through Synchronous compound actions.
  • Add cooling system for mould to improve cooling efficiency of mould.

However, there is no free lunch in the world,

there is no doubt that improvement and transformation of injection molding machine can improve production efficiency,

but it usually increases the capitalized and operating cost;

As a result, it’s necessary to carefully weigh benefit evaluation,

then the highest benefit can be generated with the most appropriate machine.

Function and Structure:

  • Compliance with the new security standard, equipped with high precise close loop safe valve and electrical safety module.
  • Special servo system program controls, improve the service life of servo system.
  • No welding of the whole oil system, adopt high-pressure oil tube combines with seals to absorb hydraulic impact, t ensure the long-term reliable of machine.
  • High strengh design of mechanical parts, maintain machines lasting operation in precise.

The high speed injection machine with below performance:

  1. Optimized hydraulic system,with large volume accumulator,can better display servo valve’s performance of high speed injection.
  2. The injection speed can be more then 700mm/sec,ensure machine’s high speed and low pressure injection, especially suitable thin-walled products’ produce.
  3. With short cycle time, highly increase the production.
  4. The movable platen use automatic thin oil lubrication system, with good fluidity and heat dispersion.
  5. Through the 3platen’s finite element analysis, the high speed injection with reasonable stress distribution, high clamping accuracy and good rigidity.High-speed injection molding machine application products

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