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Servo Motor energy-saving injection Moulding machine advantage & analytic diagram

Energy-Saving Servo Motor

  • The new generation servo system can realize low noise, strong power and fast response no bottom current and lower energy consumption.
  • The system is Assembled with renowned specialized motor, imported high-pressure gear pump and high efficiency servo driving device.
  • The whole set of oil line is subject to various kinds of optimization, including reducing the resistance to motion and the loss in pressure, to ensure less energy consumption of the machine.
  • Embedded with the new generation of servo system, the whole machine operation has very low noise production, while its engine is strong and its response is also very speedy.

The chart of servo motor injection machine

The energy saving system with below performance:

  • The whole set of PLC,servo motor and servo drive, highly optimized the machine’s control technology.
  • Apply third generation servo system programme, for more powerful and stability of power output.
  • Optimized profession software,for deceleration speed inject with stability; for acceleration speed inject with high repeatable accuracy.
  • The assemble connection between the servo-motor and the gear pump provides excellent function of the machine.
  • With high energy saving,in an ideal working state will save 50-80% electric cost.
  • Apply lower noise standard component, ensure the quite environment operation.

The relatively constant of servo motor operation conditions greatly increase the inject’s reliability, stability and durability.

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