Two Plate Injection Molding Machine D600H

The performance of ONGREAT two-plate direct compression injection molding machine has reached the international advanced level.

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Item Unit D 600H
Screw diameter mm 95
Shot volume(theoretical) cm3 2758/3048
Injection weight(ps) g 2510/2774
Injection rate g/s 612
Injection pressure Mpa 165
Screw speed rpm 150
Clamping force kN 6000
Open stroke mm 1900/1100
Space between tie bars(W×H) mm 930*830
Max.Mould height mm 850
Min.Mould height mm 450
Ejector stroke mm 230
Ejector force kN 150
Max.Pump pressure MPa 16
Pump motor power kW 55+55+5
Heating power kW 43
Machine dimension(L×W×H) m 8.00*2.40*2.76
Oiltank cubage L 1100
Machine weight t 23

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