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What is a two plate injection molding machine?

Two plate injection machine also called straight press injection machine.

Compared with the three plate injection machine, the two plate injection machine lacks a plate.Two-plate injection molding machine schematic

So for same ton machine, two plate injection machine’s opening stroke is larger.

In addtion, The two plate injection machine’s clamping force is provided by 4 connected oil cyclinders, the force and stroke is proportional.

Application of two-plate injection molding machine

In recent years, the requirements for plastic products have become higher and higher,

the wall thickness is thinner, the size is more stable, the precision is higher, the molding cycle is shorter, and the awareness of social energy conservation,

and environmental protection is enhanced, which not only raises the injection device higher.

Requirements also impose stricter requirements on the clamping device.

The second-plate injection molding machine is gradually replacing the traditional hydraulic three-plate machine with the advantages of lower cost, less energy consumption, and more stable molding.

It has been widely used in auto parts and home appliances.

The mainstream manufacturers of injection molding machines in China have made continuous efforts in the R&D, manufacturing, marketing and other aspects of the two plate machine,

which has become one of the hot spots in the injection molding machine industry in recent years,

promoting the development and progress of China’s injection molding industry.

The two plate injection molding machine has the following advantages:

  1. High efficiency: high speed oil cylinder with diagonal parallel arrangement, very short pressure rise stroke and differential pressure relief oil circuit design, fast mold closing speed.
  2. High Precision: high rigid mold platen design and application of high precision formwork parallelism control technology; high speed proportional valve control of moving formwork, coupled with minimal friction resistance of moving formwork, makes the control of moving formwork position and ram position more accurate, and the whole machine has high precision and sensitivity;
  3. Energy saving: covering 80 to 500kW full series pressure and flow full closed loop servo system configuration as drive, plus zero friction of opening and closing mold pull rod, linear guide rail design of shooting table, energy saving effect can be comparable to that of all electric injection molding machine.
  4. Safety: humanized peripheral equipment access design and various safety protection standards (national standard, CE, UL, etc.) design ensure more safe and reliable production process.

The performance of ONGREAT two-plate direct compression injection molding machine has reached the international advanced level.

Compared with the traditional hydraulic machine type,

our R&D personnel modified the four-cylinder driven template of the injection molding machine for clamping mode to the fixed template,

and realized the internal circulation of the hydraulic oil between the moving platen and the oil cylinder.

This not only greatly reduces energy consumption, but also ensures the cleanliness of the production environment.

The ratio of the traditional direct-pressing injection molding machine on the market has increased the maximum speed of the opening and closing mold by 30%;

the product weight repeatability has been improved by 45 times;

the energy consumption ratio has been reduced by 75%;

the length of the machine has been shortened by 20% and the volume is increased by more than 2 times.

The performance of our two-plate injection molding machine has basically reached the level of advanced equipment in foreign countries, but it has the price advantage that foreign equipment can’t reach.

Why choose a two-plate injection molding machine?

Before choosing an injection molding machine, we all know the importance of clamping force for precise control of the product.

Let’s first look at the effect of clamping force:

Two plate injection molding machine molding trial

  • Clamping force affects mold exhaust
  • Affect the flow direction and rate of the compound in the cavity
  • Affect the repeatability of the product (weight and size)
  • The clamping force affects the internal stress of the product
  • Excessive
    clamping force damages the mold
  • Excessive clamping force requires greater injection pressure and speed
  • The clamping force is not allowed to reduce the service life of the machine

In view of the advantages of the two-plate machine in injection molding,

90% of the injection molding machines of more than 500 tons in developed countries such as Europe and Japan are two-plate machines;

The domestic injection molding machine factory has also developed two-plate machines one after another,

but it is limited due to the lack of technical capabilities;

In China, ONGREAT Machinery successfully developed two-board injection machines in 2013 and has obtained a number of national patents.

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