The market of China Plastic Machinery Industry

The market of China Plastic Machinery Industry

According to China Plastics Machinery Industry Association data, 2017 years 1 to 10 months,

China’s plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises above designated size 402,

the main business income and total profit rose from March, the third quarter rose 24%;

Business income, total profit, and export delivery value increased by 19%, 59%, and 11% respectively.

Analysis on Import and Export Market of Chinese Press Industry

Import and export point of view, from January to October China imported plastic machinery total 24874 units, the number of imports of about 11.13 billion US dollars,

imports increased by 61% year on year, but the amount fell 15% year on year, the average unit price of imports from the same period last year 80,000 US dollars / Taiwan Down to $ 40,000 / station.

The increase in the number of imports increased from plastic granulator 37%, plastic hollow molding machine 18%, plastic rolling machine 23%, 3D printer 5%;

injection molding machine, extruder with the number of blow molding machine imports is not the same degree of decline.

Among them, imports of injection molding machine 4209, about 437 million US dollars, respectively, down 19%, 22%; imports of extruders 682, about 271 million US dollars, respectively, down 7%, 16%;

import blow molding machine 183, About 116 million US dollars, respectively, fell 32%, 21%.

Export plastic machinery total 500628 units,

the export amount of about 1.602 billion US dollars, the export volume with the amount of respectively increased by 57%, 3%, trade surplus of about 489 million US dollars.

The number of exports increased mainly in the injection molding machine,

extruder, plastic rolling machine with a 3D printer.

Among them, the export of injection molding machine 22384, about 818 million US dollars,

respectively, an increase of 21%, 1%; export extruder 40,731 units, about 320 million US dollars,

respectively, an increase of 367%, 3%; export blow molding machine 6923, About $ 149 million, down 11% year on year,

but the amount increased by 3% year on year.

1 to 10 months of China’s plastics machinery exports average unit price of 0.3 million US dollars / Taiwan,

the main because of the 3D printer and other molding machine exports a large amount of low, 

resulting in the overall average price level fell. Which exports 269578 3D printers, accounting for 54% of the total exports over the same period,

but the amount of only 57.97 million US dollars, priced at 0.02 million US dollars.

Import from the point of view, from January to October imports from the number of plastic presses accounted for 85.16%, 54.75%,

which imports from Japan fell 13.36% year on year;

imports from Europe with the amount of the proportion of 6.69%, 41.22 %,

Which imports from Germany and Italy were down 11.5% year on year, 2.65%, imports from Austria increased by 6.33%.

From January to October, the top 10 countries in China’s textile machinery export market exported to Vietnam, the United States, Indonesia, Turkey, India, and Mexico grew faster,

while exports to Thailand fell 33.54% year on year.

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